Thursday, January 6, 2022

Starting again...

The title of this first blog post is deceptive and argues when something was actually started. I am pretty sure I have written this first blog post at least a dozen times during this iteration of the building my home on the web and countless other times in other versions of a personal website that never saw the light of day.

But today, I am hoping to start something again and actually release it to the world or at least the handful of people that somehow find this on the web. I haven’t come to terms with actually sharing anything on social platforms, at least not yet.

If you read my bio, I have been in the web industry for a long time. Most of that time spent observing, learning and trying to figure my voice.

I hope I get to share that here, but I must warn you…

I’m not creating this to share tutorials on the internet or teach you how to be a better dev. There are people already doing that and doing way better than I ever could.

I plan on sharing somethings that I am working on that have been living in my brain for a long time. I want to share the struggles I have been through in my journey as a heavy and slow runner. I want to share my beliefs and faith with you and how I might struggle with the same things you are struggling with too. Mostly, I just want try to be as human here as I can.

I hope you find something that interests you here, and if not feel free to move on. But if you do, please reach out and let’s talk.